Expanse Studios and Golden Matrix Announce Distribution Agreement

Expanse Studios, B2B casino games developer and a rising star in the global casino industry, successfully concluded a partnership agreement with the Golden Matrix Group, a developer and licensor of online gaming platforms, systems, and content.

With over 650 operators and a customer base of over 6.8 million registered users, Golden Matrix's online gaming and esports B2B platforms, as well as tools for marketing, acquisition, retention, and monetisation of users, are among the strongest in the Asia-Pacific Region.

"Golden Matrix, their brand and business model, is a great fit for the philosophy of Expanse Studios. That is why we are excited to announce the deal, as our games continue to reach a massive audience. As CEO Damjan Stamenkovic remarked, "The deal is an important step towards achieving our prominence in East Asia and the Pacific."

"Today’s agreement marks a milestone and extraordinary industry news." We’re excited to work with Expanse Studios as they've made such a splash in the gaming market across a number of different regions and segments in such a short period of time. "The deal is a highly complementary one as our business models are highly compatible, so there are many reasons to be optimistic about this partnership," Brian Goodman, CEO of Golden Matrix, said.

Golden Matrix Group (GMGI) is an established gaming company providing turnkey and white label gaming platforms and esports technology with proprietary online gaming IP and configurable and scalable white-label B2B gaming platforms for its international customers, located primarily in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information, visit Golden Matrix website.