Clown Fever DEMO

The series of exceptional, atypical online casino games continues with the fun casino game Clown Fever, which is set in a circus. The clown is the main character of the game because he is in charge of the most important thing – the ball, which he drops from the top of the game board. There are six squares below it, and it’s up to you to guess which square the ball will fall into. The values of the fields are different, and so is the payout in the event of a hit. The two fields on the left and right side of the board pay the most, 60 times more than the stakes, which is logical, considering that these two fields are the smallest and in the most unfavorable positions. However, the best payouts outside of these fields are offered by floating fields, which denote multipliers. Once the ball comes in contact with one of them, the game starts from the beginning, and any potential winnings in this round are multiplied. It is important to say that multipliers can come several times in a row, which, technically, makes the maximum gain unlimited.