We operate out of multiple regions, with games available throughout any regulated territory of the world, including South America, Africa, Malta, and the Balkan region.

A variety of languages, including English, Balkan region languages, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swahili.

We support all major currencies and cryptocurrencies, offering a flexible system that’s ready for any currency switch.

Our games offer an average RTP of 97%, with medium to high volatility.

Our modernized versions of classic video poker games, for which the response of the public has been overwhelmingly positive. Players appreciate the fusion of nostalgia and innovation in our offerings like Diamond Joker Poker, Multihand Titan Poker, and Mega Pixel Poker.

We primarily use HTML5. This ensures seamless enjoyment of our games on various platforms, providing a high-quality experience to all our players.

We aim to create games that appeal to both new and experienced players. Our games combine modern graphics and designs with smooth gameplay and engaging features.

We have formed numerous media partnerships with major platforms in the online gambling industry. In addition, we’ve integrated with key platforms such as Golden Matrix, Everymatrix, and Blue Ocean to enhance the accessibility of our games.

We have formed some 20+ media partnerships with major platforms such as Real Casinos Canada, Casino.org, Casino Reviews Net, Quantum Gaming, Vegas Slots, LCB, Gamblorium, and many more. Additionally, we’ve integrated our games with key platforms like Golden Matrix, Everymatrix, and Blue Ocean.

Quality assurance is a key aspect of our development process. We conduct comprehensive testing on all our games, from game mechanics to graphics, ensuring a smooth and high-quality gaming experience.

Our team is composed of diverse and talented professionals. Their innovative and adaptive capabilities, combined with their collaborative spirit, enable us to deliver games that resonate with our players.

We believe there’s always room for innovation. Our focus is on exploring new technologies, design methodologies, and player engagement strategies to not only entertain but also create unforgettable gaming experiences.