Super Heli

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Introducing ‘SuperHeli,’ Expanse Studios’ debut crash game that takes multiplayer excitement to new heights. Anticipation soars as players bet on a helicopter’s ascent or crash in this exhilarating experience. Boasting a high 97% RTP and free bets, it’s a thrilling fusion of strategy and chance. Engage in lively chats, escalate through levels and experience the […]

100 Super Icy

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Introducing Expanse Studios’ latest creation, 100 SUPER ICY – a thrilling classic fruit slot that will keep you entertained for hours. With a generous RTP of 97.10% and medium volatility, this 4×5 slot promises exciting gameplay and frequent wins. 100 SUPER ICY does feature free spins alongside its enticing jackpot and thrilling gamble feature, adding […]

Leprechaun Wish

Leprechaun Wish

Welcome to the enchanting world of Leprechaun Wish, where Irish luck awaits at every spin! Embark on a journey through the lush green hills of Ireland in this vibrant slot game. Feel the magic of the Emerald Isle as you encounter symbols like the Irish jar, a symbol of fortune that acts as the scatter, […]

Shaolin Crew


Discover Shaolin Crew: Our First Megaways Adventure! Get ready for Shaolin Crew, our debut in the world of Megaways slots. This game brings high excitement across 6 reels filled with 2 to 7 symbols each, all in a lively Chinese theme. Experience new features like cascading wins and multipliers that make this game stand out.In […]

Piñata Loca


Piñata Loca, a thrilling slot game centered around the captivating theme of Mexico. This 5×6 video slot boasts 20 lines filled with iconic symbols from Mexican culture, including piñata, sombreros, tequila, and cacti. The game offers the chance to trigger scatter symbols, which unlock exciting additional options that players will undoubtedly enjoy.Unique to this game […]

FIFA 2020


Step onto the virtual pitch and feel the adrenaline of the world’s most popular sport as you dive into the FIFA 2020 stream. Brace yourself for an unparalleled gaming spectacle where cutting-edge graphics, realistic gameplay, and nail-biting action combine to create an authentic football atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home. Join millions […]

Football Manager


Dive into the exhilarating world of football management like never before with the Football Manager stream. Build your dream team, shape their destiny, and make crucial in-game decisions. Craft tactical masterplans, scout top talents, and lead your team to victory. Experience the thrill as your strategies are put to the test on the virtual pitch. […]

PES 2020


Immerse in PES 2020’s world of football splendor. Seize control, execute breathtaking feats, and flaunt your virtuosity on the digital field. With mesmerizing graphics and intricate mechanics, experience the thrill of goals, passes, and maneuvers like the real sport. Plunge into tactical matches, forging strategies and pivotal decisions against tough adversaries. Every aspect, from ball […]

Win & Go


Welcome to Win & Go, the exhilarating betting game where computer-generated events and emotes collide in a whirlwind of excitement! With 48 balls at your disposal, including 35 randomly generated ones, your journey to riches begins. In the standard game, pick 6 numbers from 1 to 48, and as the last ball rolls, your winnings […]

Instant Keno DEMO


Numbers at an online casino? This unusual phenomenon in the world of online casinos is brought to you by Expanse Studios in the form of a new game that will delight you – Instant Keno. This is a fast game with numbers. No more waiting to draw: when the previous round is over, you can […]