Golden Hi-Lo DEMO

If the most interesting segment of the casino game is the famous gambling, ie. Gamble, Golden Hi Lo is the game for you! Everything about this card game is guessing. For starters, there’s classic gambling – black or red, which gives you odds of 2. The odds increase as the odds of hitting are lower, so hitting one of the face cards carries odds of 3, and hitting one of the jokers carries a fantastic odd of 24! Golden Hi Lo also offers betting on cards from two to nine and offers odds of 1.50, and if you guess that the next card will be an ace or a king, the odds are 6. In addition to simple bets on one outcome, you can combine multiple bets, and also key for automatic duplication of roles is available. All in all, fans of traditional games of chance will love it, and all other players will enjoy it as well because of its simplicity and great payout possibilities.