Mega Pixel Poker DEMO

Mega Pixel Poker represents our version of the popular card game poker, which in our version is played with a deck of 53 cards. This addition to the regular deck comes in the form of a wild, which has the ability to replace any other card from the deck. Mega Pixel Poker offers another novelty, and that is the outcome of 5 of a Kind, ie four of the same cards and a wild. If you get this combination of cards, the odds are 200. The only higher odds than this is achieved with a natural Royal flash, ie. a series of 10-A cards of the same suit. If you get this outcome, the payout will be 1,000 times your deposit. Our version of poker also offers a gambling option, which can be used after each win. Guess – red or black card and double your winnings. Enjoy the classic graphics of Mega Pixel Poker, modeled on the original poker machines. The sound effects will accompany the game and thus bring the fun to a higher level.