Mini Power Roullete DEMO

Most users of online casino services enjoy roulette, but have you ever played a game of mini roulette? If not, you will now have the opportunity because we present you the Mini Power Roulette. The unique game, which you have not had the opportunity to play so far, will present you roulette in a different way and bring even better fun. We guarantee you much more frequent winnings, because this roulette has 13 instead of the standard 36 numbers (from 0 to 12). This game also brings great multipliers, so if you’re lucky, you can win multipliers worth x20, x50 or x100 your bet. This is not the end of surprises either: if the roulette ball falls to the number 0 and you have not covered it, you get back half of the stakes. Little things make people happy, so let it be the same with the game Mini Power Roulette.