Titan Dice DEMO

With the online casino game Titan Dice, we have combined two essential elements of the casino – dice and roulette. In fact, we took a game board from roulette and added dice to it. That’s how Titan Dice was created, the perfect game for fans of casino hybrids, in which the goal is to hit the sum of the numbers of two dice. The highest payout is offered by a hit sum of two dice 2 or 12, which is statistically the rarest combination. If you hit one of these two outcomes, Titan Dice offers odds of 35. In addition to this bet, there are sums of 3-11, which offer different odds – from 5.83 to 17.50. You can also bet on more universal outcomes, such as a total of less than or greater than 7, and the odds are the lowest for this type of bet at 2.33. Titan Dice also gives you the ability to guess the number that will be displayed on the dice, and you can also bet on the boundaries between the numbers. The rules of the game are quite simple, and veterans of the casino, as well as new players, will enjoy it equally.