Instant Keno DEMO

Numbers at an online casino? This unusual phenomenon in the world of online casinos is brought to you by Expanse Studios in the form of a new game that will delight you – Instant Keno. This is a fast game with numbers. No more waiting to draw: when the previous round is over, you can draw a new combination within seconds. 80 numbers participate in this game (from 1 to 80), and 20 are drawn in each round. You can play a combination of 2 to 10 numbers. Guess 10 numbers in combination and win 10,000 times more! Interesting bets are also waiting for you, such as the color of the first number, whether the first number will be even or odd, and you can bet on the sum of the first five numbers. Multipliers are also available in each draw, and you can also choose random combinations of numbers. Instant keno – a combination of casino and keno numbers in one game.