Expanse Studios Signs Partnerships with Crypto Lists

Expanse Studios is excited to announce the successful start of a new partnership with a global casino review site. Just like Expanse Studios, Crypto Lists was established by industry veterans who’ve been in the iGaming space for a long time and observed how things have developed.

Since we know the future of gaming is, it’s a pleasure to team up with Crypto Lists, a portal dedicated to providing customers with useful information about Bitcoin gambling sites and also real money casinos.

Crypto Lists curates over 70 different top lists of the greatest cryptocurrency casinos, sportsbooks, and games, ensuring that consumers have access to trustworthy and dependable gambling alternatives.


The website addresses critical concerns like security, fairness, and user experience. And, performs extensive evaluations, reviews special bonuses, and features the most recent cryptocurrency gaming news. Since it’s such a wide sector – cryptocurrencies and casinos – they have dedicated sections showcasing over 65 of the most popular blockchains and reviews of almost 200 different coins and tokens.

In the review of Expanse Studios, Crypto Lists point out that Expanse’s journey begins in 2019 with industry veterans placing strong focus on ‘superior design’ with a simple motto: “the universe is the limit.” A motto that remains today. They journey through our recent history, detailing some of our biggest launches, and our nomination at Best Industry Rising Star Of The Year at SiGMA for Best Industry Rising Star Of The Year.

Some of the game reviews performed by Crypto Lists include the new slot Pia and God of Coins.

Pia is one of the highest RTP slots on the market with a figure of around 98%. Crypto Lists is highly confident that this slot will really take off and become one of the top titles of 2023.

In the review of God of Coins – a fitting title given Crypto Lists’ background – is remarked upon as being a must play for fans of ancient history and mythology, detailing that it evokes ‘the essence of Pharaohs and Egyptian pyramids.’ Further, they comment on the ‘thrilling and immersive’ nature of the slot as well as the superior game mechanics.

This is landmark recognition for our unique approach, and we’re thrilled to continue engaging with the growing community of crypto enthusiasts, and to increase our influence in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency gaming by cooperating with Crypto Lists.