Expanse Studios and HUIDU: Exciting Partnership to Reshape the iGaming Scene


A Strategic Alliance in the Gaming World

Expanse Studios, renowned for its innovative casino game development, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with HUIDU, a leading one-stop comprehensive service platform in the iGaming industry. This collaboration marks a significant step in our journey to explore new horizons in the gaming world.

HUIDU: The Global Gateway to iGaming

HUIDU, with its impressive network of over 30,000 industry professionals and 6,000 companies, is at the forefront of connecting game vendors worldwide. Their platform has become an essential hub in the iGaming community, fostering over 300,000 cooperation demands and commanding a formidable presence with its 1.5 million-strong telegram matrix traffic.

Uniting Forces for a Diverse Gaming Experience

Together, Expanse Studios and HUIDU are set to bring a wealth of exciting games and professional services to gaming enthusiasts globally. Our partnership leverages HUIDU’s extensive network and innovative solutions, including game API product libraries, igaming agent recruitments, and comprehensive data services, to enhance the reach and impact of Expanse Studios’ creative game portfolio.

Expanse Studios: A Pioneer in Game Development

At Expanse Studios, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to game development, blending avant-garde design with electrifying music and top-tier animations. Our portfolio boasts over 43 slots, table, and casual games, each crafted with a vision to redefine gaming experiences.

Leprechaun Wish: In-Style Finish of a Fruitful 2023

To mark the successful end of 2023, Expanse Studios has launched Leprechaun Wish, an online slot game inspired by the motives of Irish folklore. The game combines traditional Irish symbols with modern slot mechanics, offering players an immersive experience of Irish mythology.

Introducing Shaolin Crew: A Megaways Masterpiece

The latest addition to our portfolio, Shaolin Crew, is an epic Megaways adventure that showcases our commitment to innovation in game design. This action-packed slot game invites players to immerse themselves in a thrilling martial arts journey, filled with high-stakes action and captivating gameplay.

The Road Ahead: A Future of Quality and Innovation

Looking forward to 2024, our partnership with HUIDU symbolizes a shared dedication to excellence in the gaming industry. We are committed to providing superior products and services, always striving to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.

About Expanse Studios

Founded in 2017 by industry veterans, Expanse Studios has been a game-changer in online gaming, consistently delivering innovative and captivating gaming experiences.


HUIDU is a global leader in the iGaming industry, offering a one-stop comprehensive service platform that connects and serves game vendors and entrepreneurs worldwide, promoting efficient business development and high-quality game resource connections.