Expanse Studios Announces Media Collaboration with Renowned List.Casino


List.Casino, a trusted casino comparison site known for its meticulous user reviews and game recommendations, is our new media partner. Expanse Studios, a leader in developing innovative online gaming products, is proud to announce the broadening of our impressive media partners list.

List.Casino has made a mark in the online gaming community by providing players with a reliable guide to hundreds of licensed, safe, and thoroughly vetted online casinos. Reflective of their name, the platform specializes in curating specific lists tailored to each page’s content. This meticulous approach ensures that players are presented with casinos that truly match the promised payment services, games, bonuses, and other unique features, making the search for the ideal gambling destination easier and more efficient.

List.Casino – Not Just an Ordinary Online Casino Portal

But List.Casino doesn’t just stop at vetting online casinos. They’ve also offered access to intriguing gambling news and in-depth analyses, the latest casino promotions, and, more recently, a keen focus on slot games and other casino-based entertainment. Each game on their platform undergoes a comprehensive review, encompassing all vital information, allowing players to make informed choices about suitable games.

Expanse Studios’ collaboration with List.Casino is a testament to both brands’ commitment to excellence. The partnership will see Expanse Studios’ range of games, notably the brand new ‘Pinjata Loca’, featured and reviewed on the platform.

Commenting on the partnership, a spokesperson from List.Casino said, “We are elated to collaborate with Expanse Studios and delve deep into reviewing their remarkable slots. After a close look at their top-notch products, it was an easy decision to spotlight ‘Pinjata Loca’ as our game of the month.”

This collaboration aims to bring the best of both worlds to the gaming community, ensuring that players have access to top-tier games in an environment that prioritizes safety, transparency, and user experience.

About Expanse Studios

With a passion for innovation and delivering an unparalleled gaming experience, Expanse Studios specializes in creating slots, roulettes, table games, turn-based strategies, and other categories, all optimized for a mobile-first experience. The company boasts a portfolio of 40+ games, strategically blending old-school motifs with cutting-edge design, captivating soundtracks, and immersive animations. Expanse Studios takes pride in its significant partnerships across the gaming industry, making its engaging gaming experiences accessible to a global audience.

About List.Casino

List.Casino has been a beacon for online casino players for years. By offering detailed reviews and comparisons, they have ensured that players only interact with safe, licensed, and genuine online casino brands. With an increasing focus on slot and casino game reviews, List.Casino continues to be the go-to platform for players seeking honest insights and recommendations in the world of online gambling.