Our God of FTN Bids for Top Award at B.F.T.H. Arena’s Elite Gaming Competition

God of FTN

We are excited to unveil “God of FTN,” a creative reskin of our popular “God of Coins” game, participates for the best game under the BetConstruct B.F.T.H. Arena competition, a platform celebrating innovation in the iGaming industry.

This competition gathers both renowned creators and emerging stars to showcase their latest achievements and compete for a significant prize.

God of FTN: A Thrilling Adventure in the FTN World

God of FTN whisks players into the vibrant and fantastical world of FTN, featuring state of the art graphics and a soundtrack that captures the essence of this mystical realm.

Revitalizing Classics: God of FTN Joins the Race for Innovation

The game’s layout incorporates a distinctive 4×5 grid with eight symbols, including a scatter and a wild symbol, enhancing gameplay with diverse winning possibilities. With 20 paylines and the potential to win up to 1000 times the payout per spin, “God of FTN” delivers both excitement and substantial rewards. The inclusion of a progressive jackpot adds an extra layer of thrill, offering significant wins to fortunate players.

The B.F.T.H. Arena 2024 – What to Expect?

The B.F.T.H. Arena celebrates creativity and is also a testament to growth within the iGaming sphere. With a prize pool of 3,333,000 FTN, valued at over 5 million euros due to the appreciating rate of FTN, the stakes are higher than ever. Expanse Studios is proud to participate with “God of FTN,” demonstrating our commitment to pushing boundaries and innovating within our game development.

Winner Announcement

Mark your calendars! The winners of the B.F.T.H. Arena will be announced between July 1 and July 4, 2024. We are hopeful and excited about the potential recognition “God of FTN” could achieve, thanks to its innovative design and engaging gameplay.