Our Three Success Stories Explained – The Games We Are Known For

We are happy to see we have positioned ourselves as a brand with a skyrocketing rise in popularity in 2022.

The provider’s three top slots serve as a model for how to constantly meet the needs of a growing customer base with well-designed, innovative, and user-friendly games.

In celebration of the end of a very dynamic 2022, we recall the story of our most popular slots so far:

1. Titan Roulette

A table game that stands out for its user-friendly layout and, in particular, its simple chip-placing system. The drop of the ball employed in the design process was based on a simulation of the free fall of the ball on the roulette wheel; this drop exactly replicates the ball that spins on the roulette cylinder and can be used for all smearing applications.

2. Clown Fever

As stated by our affiliates, the undisputed leader in terms of popularity that can be attributed to a number of elements, including its large multipliers and potential for large wins, its user-friendly interface (UI), and its design, which once again makes use of the ping-pong ball’s natural descent to achieve novelty. The player will feel as though his eyes are constantly on the genuine ball.

3. Wild Icy Fruits

Our most played classic slot. It features a common gaming mechanic wherein players must keep the same symbols on the board in order to advance. Unique to this game are the frozen symbols and the ice storms that can award substantial prizes. Those who are content with a slower pace and lesser wins will be able to play this game for quite some time.

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