We Are Beyond Gaming: Expanse’s CSR Campaigns Range From Nature Cleanup to Community Donations


You might be accustomed to reading about our latest products, new games, functionalities and services.

But today, it’s time that we share something else, equally important – Expanse Studios’ CSR commitment.

Expanse Studio’s dedication to excellence extends beyond gaming, as for months now, we also engage in meaningful community and environmental initiatives that also highlight the added value brought to communities where we operate.

Hiking and Environmental Cleanup

This June the Expanse Studios team embarked on a hiking trip to Veliki Štrbac in the Miroč Mountain, located in the Đerdap National Park, southeastern Serbia.

This stunning location, with its highest peak at 768 meters and breathtaking views of the Danube from three lookout points, provided the perfect backdrop for our brand new civic engagement activity.

During the hike, our team took the opportunity to contribute to nature conservation by collecting litter along the trail.

Spending the day in the mountains, enjoying the beautiful landscapes, and knowingly making a positive impact on the environment is always inspiring and refreshing.

CSR Portfolio – From Clothing Donation to Children Boarding Houses

At Expanse Studios, we believe in giving back to our community. During May, we had the heartwarming opportunity to donate clothes to a local boarding house for children. Seeing their smiles and joy reminded us all that we can make a difference beyond the gaming world.

Strategic Value Delivered

These activities are not just about giving back—they align with Expanse’s strategic vision of integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into core operations.

By developing an in-house iGaming studio, this company has significantly strengthened their market position and created long-term value for our investors. It also reinforces the brand and attracts socially conscious investors who value ethical business practices.

A Proven CSR Track Record

These recent activities align with Expanse Studios’ ongoing commitment to CSR. Their previous campaigns have included a wide range of initiatives, such as:

  • Environmental Sustainability: We actively participate in afforestation projects and public cleanup campaigns
  • Community Support: Sponsoring local sports clubs, organizing blood donation drives, and supporting cultural institutions
  • Social Inclusion: Engaging in projects that promote diversity and inclusion within our community

And that’s only the beginning.

Stay tuned to follow all of Expanse Studios’ future initiatives and innovations as we continue to make a positive impact in the community and beyond.